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In 1, the spirit of enterprise

Make all-out efforts dedication to work hard and perseveringly; entrepreneurship; dare Daying Zhang's fighting spirit; keep the spirit of collaboration; for enterprises and share ownership; concerted team spirit.

2, enterprise purpose

Customer first, the staff first.

3, work guidelines

Simple + diligence, sincerity + communication, witty + determination

4, the service concept

Service philosophy: service is provided, the pursuit of endless!

Service purpose: the user's needs above all else!

Service commitment: to answer all the questions, grant whatever is requested, there are problems to be solved! Customer satisfaction is our highest standard of work.

Two rely on: harmonious enterprise team; harmonious relationship.

Three magic weapons: perfect quality assurance system; perfect service system; perfect the system of strategic alliance.

Four: seriously seriously every complaint, every complaint must reply; do a good job in every item of information card, each information must be comprehensive feedback to each link; careful analysis of every error, infer other things from one fact to avoid making the same mistakes; seriously every work details, distributors, consumers with concrete service.

Five hundred: commitment to 100 percent; users visit a hundred percent;

Reasonable fees percent; build user archives percent;

Accept public supervision hundred percent.

Six active: Market Research Initiative; visit customers take the initiative;

Communication must take the initiative to provide services to the initiative;

To solve the problem should be active; strain market actively.

Seven unified: unified service commitment; unified service; unified technical training;

Uniform hangs out his shingle mount guard; unified user files; unified price for accessories;

Uniform dress.

A securing : to ensure customer satisfaction, no complaints phenomenon.

5, ad

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